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    1. Bryan Hessing (Heracles, left) against Jaimy van den Boogaard (FC Twente) during the FIFA E-division, 2017
    2. Boy dressed up as Sinterklaas during Sinterklaas' arrival in Amsterdam, 2016
    3. Portrait of a kale farmer for the Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn, 2016
    4. Portrait of Estefania Quino, living statue, Dam square, Amsterdam, 2016
    5. Gay Pride, Soho, London, 2016
    6. Gay Pride, Soho, London, 2016
    7. Vote RemaIN advertisement during the Brexit referendum, Oxford, 2016
    8. Remembrance of the Dead, memorial Day, Dam Square, Amsterdam, 2016
    9. Construction side seen from the Al Jazeera Office, the Shard, London, 2015
    10. Blind dog in Blijdorp, Rotterdam, 2014