• The travellers of Breda

    A part of the photos are in the City Archive of Breda and have been shown on an exhibition at the City Archive of Breda. The Dutch travellers are dying out. The government doesn’t support their way of living. Although the municipality of Breda and other southern towns say they are working on an integration process it’s recently been stated to be racist by a judge. The integration process is also known as an extinction policy. Breda gathered all the travellers in one big camp, but they couldn’t keep track of everything happening in this camp so a few years ago they changed their policy. They ripped up the big main camp into 15 smaller camps, not caring about the families who where living together for many generations. Families got torn apart and were forced to live with families who where rivals. Breda started their ‘integration process’. New generations were forced to live in stone houses. When the new generation gets married, they can’t build a new mobile home because they can’t get a legal place to build it on, so they are forced to move in a stone house. Although it’s a big part of the traveller’s culture to live together and to live in mobile houses the Dutch municipalities make this almost impossible for them and in that way they are working on the process of dying out an entire culture. These are photos of the current travellers and their homes in Breda, the modern travellers of Breda who are fighting to keep their culture alive.